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Fish Bite LED Alarms

Fish Bite LED Alarms

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With this latest fish bite alarm you wont have to miss your catch!

It sounds an alarm whenever there is movement on the line and is super
easy to set up!

It is also perfect for fishing at night as it illuminates with a bright blue light instead of sounding an alarm so it won't scare the fish away.

Includes 2 x Fish Bite LED Alarms

1. Sound and light alarm device
2. Portable and easy to install.
3. Outer layer, boltless seal, made of durable ABS.
4. Can be used for different types of auctions of different terrains and climates.
5. Energy saving. If the power is turned off when not in use, the three equipped batteries can be used for 1 year or 2 years.
6. There is no damage to the fishing line. Very sensitive to fish that bait bait.
7. This LED warning light is the ideal indicator for night fishing.

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